Atlantic Auto Group Spotlight

What she said!

Toni Anne Fardette of Atlantic Auto Group, does an interview on how the idea of reaching out to Sean V. Bradley and his video production company, Dealer Video Production, came to be realized. Although her company was already making videos provided by many different ventures for each location, she sought us out because of our ability to produce a much higher quality video. She also talks about the logistics of the negotiation process and our ability to need and exceed their needs to land the deal that benefitted both companies. She continues on with the level of knowledge Sean brings in on the automotive end and speaks to the production team’s professionalism. By providing the necessary tools, equipment and care behind the scenes, we succeed in making sure that everyone from the GM to the sales floor was properly prepared for their time in front of the camera. Over 150 videos were shot and edited in the span of 4 months in addition to making sure the videos had a strong Video SEO value. She recommends every dealership looking to get noticed and reach their customer utilize the services of Sean and Dealer Video Production’s knowledge and experience.