The University of the Arts Affiliation

The University of the Arts

Dealer Video Production proudly announces its partnership with The University of the Arts, located in Philadelphia. Through this partnership, Dealer Video Production can enlist the best and brightest of the university to join Dealer Video Production’s team. This program has allowed Dealer Video Production to hire many talented artists through internships, in which they can flourish and gain experience that will assist them in their future.

Our partnership enables us to provide students with a fast-paced, professional environment to train and experience to grow. We hope to give students the leg-up in their advancement towards their future career.

<strong>Video Production Majors</strong>
Video Production Majors

Through opportunities like on-site and on-location shoots at our clients’ Dealerships, students are given the chance to shape their conceptualization, lighting, shooting, editing, and motion graphics skills.

<strong>Photography Majors</strong>
Photography Majors

While working closely with the Video Production team, students of this major will have the chance to shoot beautiful images and create both digital and print solutions that will be utilized by Automotive Dealerships across the US.

<strong>Web Design Majors</strong>
Web Design Majors

Students will have the chance to hone their skills in web designs by creating and implementing ideas through Wordpress CMS, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, email campaigns, and beyond.

<strong>Graphic Design Majors</strong>
Graphic Design Majors

Through the careful processes of design, development, and application of different solutions for Automotive industry elements, graphic designs student have the opportunity to refine their skills and receive hands-on experience.