The Art Institute of Philadelphia Affiliation

The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Dealer Video Production is proud to announce its official 3+ year partnership with the Art Institute of Philadelphia. This alliance allows Dealer Video Production to recruit some of the very best talent equipped with cutting edge techniques, technology, and tools to join our elite Video Production team. We have an official Internship Program where the same care applied to the Art Institute admissions process is attributed to our Interns. Dealer Video Production has hired numerous, talented artists to the team through a variety of processes, such as post-graduation, Portfolio Shows, and internships.

Careful vetting by both the Art Institute of Philadelphia and Dealer Video Production allows this official Internship program to flourish; it provides both the required job-related experience for matriculating students, as well as a location for them to expand on their classroom training. The Art Institute of Philadelphia has even asked the Dealer Video Production owner, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, to speak at the school to reach out to students in the classroom and educate them on subjects such as Digital Marketing and Video Search Engine Optimization.

This partnership is a stepping stone for young, career-driven individuals who want to not only test their skills in a fast-paced, professional environment, but fine-tune them and prepare them for the future. We implement modern business practices with today’s advertising approaches to give both students and graduates an understanding of how to make a living with their profession. In doing so, we prepare them for whatever roads lie ahead and give them the tools necessary to make their future a profitable one.

<strong>Video Production Majors</strong>
Video Production Majors

Video students will have the chance to refine their skills through conceptualizing, lighting, shooting, editing and applying motion graphics to a myriad of video projects. These students will shoot both on-site and on-location at Dealerships across the country.

<strong>Web Design Majors</strong>
Web Design Majors

Web students will have the opportunity to refine their skill sets by customizing and deploying web solutions including but not limited to Wordpress CMS, editing HTML5, CSS and Javascript directly and developing, deploying and analyzing email campaigns.

<strong>Graphic Design Majors</strong>
Graphic Design Majors

Graphic design students will have the opportunity to refine their skill sets by designing, developing and deploying visual solutions for the Automotive industry. Designers will have an opportunity to design for both digital and print.

<strong>Photography Majors</strong>
Photography Majors

Photography students will work closely with the Video team to capture rich imagery on location at Automotive Dealerships across the country and at our conferences. These students will have an opportunity to contribute to both digital and print solutions.