Why Choose Us?

Why Dealer Video Production?

Because our team is professionally streamlined for ALL of your automotive production needs. We ensure your dealership profits by REACHING your customers.


A process of spending time creating and refining their ideas, thus producing rough drafts in order to pre-establish shooting premises. This reduces the time and money spent in expensive studios.


The video production is fully realized, created and shot. More crew will be recruited at this stage to perform essential duties with a unique blend of roles to suit the various responsibilities possible during the production.


This phase of a production usually takes longer than the actual shooting to complete because it includes the editing, colour correction, motion graphics and the addition of music and sounds of the videos.

Monthly Deliverables

A steady stream of content distributed to you on a consistent basis for the duration of your contract will be provided on time.


This is just a small snippet of who we are and what we are proud of.

  • 20TB of video assets
  • 8 professional video specialists
  • 68 collective years of experience
  • 11 industry standard cameras
  • $17k per 1 finished hour
  • $1.5 million in video inventory

Contact Us Now!

Contact Us Now!

The right solution to reach your customers and increase your sales.

We will help you enhance your website with videos of dealership walk-throughs, employee bios, vehicle comparisons, value package proposition, training and more.

  • Value Package Proposition
  • Human Resource Promos
  • Dealership Tours
  • Vehicle Walkarounds

Video Tricks & Strategies

<strong>Dealerships, Know The Law Before You Fly! - January 2017</strong>
Dealerships, Know The Law Before You Fly! - January 2017

As an employee of Dealer Synergy and Dealer Video Production, I recently faced a very unique situation when our company brought on a new client for a monthly video production package. We were given the opportunity to film our

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<strong>How to Get Clean Audio in Your Dealership - December 2016</strong>
How to Get Clean Audio in Your Dealership - December 2016

Remember that beloved thing called silence? It was around for a couple millennia and has kinda dropped to the wayside since Westernization became a thing. As of late, silence has become considerably harder to find — especially in the last decade.

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<strong>YouTube Dos and Don’ts - May 2016</strong>
YouTube Dos and Don’ts - May 2016

Should you upload a video to YouTube and notice that the image is dark, desaturated, or in need of some pizzazz, then you can go to town on the ‘Enhancements’ page. What you will find are the two of the biggest do’s and don’ts when uploading your work to YouTube…

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